As my 17 month kid Om cries, I switch-on the TV set. Goes to a music channel 9Xm. Here’s ‘singh is king’ akshay kumar singing the title track. Om now start dancing hands through the air, forgets his crying…


Now as I sit trough this blog I recall how the films have helped shaped my personality. How they have helped me in overcoming bouts of depression…like exams, result time, love crisis (many!), professional logjams (again many…still continuing) Films were and still are my best friend. I now want my son to love films. He is yet to see his first film in the Cinama Hall. in fact Om’s name was motivated from ‘om shanti om’ which was released during the time he was born Nov’2007. Pray God that ‘Sanwaria’ bombed(it was released with OSO) otherwise what would have happened to a poor boy named Sawaria!) Earlier we (yes, my wife) wanted Akshays’ Singh is King to be his first film. When the movie was released I think he was 7-8 months. The plan breakdown when I could not get  my wife to agree on the condition that she will take the kid out of theatre when he  starts crying and I would continue watching movie ( So I watched Singh is King alone…) So we decided that we will wait for some more time before to start Om’s Bollywood innings. Then came Jumbo. Since it was animated movie it was not fit for kids(!) as I thought (actually it was hard for me to sit thru’ an elephant before me and my wife beside me). So i gave excuse that we will together see CC2C(Chandni Chowk to China).  Looked promising film in trailers. With funny stunts and an adorable AKi Om was set to open. But the opening reviews of the film were bad.very bad. So we again postponed the idea. Get that the debut has to be good. Now Om will open his innings when some good movie, with comic action, funny animals (of-course with permission from Meneka Gandhi), funky music. It may take long time seeing the current crop of movies. Till then my son will laugh with the ‘Gangu Bai’ of Chote Miyaan on colors.

So what was my first movieeee…!!!**#*!!! let me ask my parents…!!!

                                                                                  (end of Part I, to be contd.)