With the latest controversy Varun Gandhi have emerged stronger, more mature. For a 28 yr old politician seeng the bottom level of politics and to be valiant indeed shows his Fighting Spirit. The furore and politics behind the whole episode saddens an ‘aaam Indian’ like me.

Varun Gandhi is charged with violating election code of conduct and spreading communalism(sic!). He is charged with inciting public with inflammatory speech. The charge that Varun denies. Although he insists that in India it has become fashion to brand communal anyone speaking for us Hindus.

Now I stand behind Varun. I would appreciate BJP and allies to stand beside him. Not to leave him alone to fight this ‘gandi rajneeti’.  Infact we have the reason to doubt the entire controversy.

  • Why is the Election Commission so active in this case. When in the past violations by many leaders it has taken soft approach.
  • It is Varuns’ Mama who have released the CD’s. This ‘Shakuni’ mama had earlier fell-out with his sister Meneka Gandhi, Varun’s mother and have even contested against her on Congress ticket against her.
  • Why are CD’s released 16 day fter it was supposed to be made. The Mama insists that Varun is flaring communal tensions for the past couple of months then why no other CD is out to date.
  • Now today news is that a cd with  Varun distributing money to the electorate is out. What a sham!
  • CEC says it is onus on Varun to proove that the tapes are doctored. So will they apply the same criteria to other violations also.
  • Indeed to push the issue to limits would it not have been better to sternly warn Varun on future violations, when this had been done most of the times earlier.
  • Why the media is over-board. Are they motivated by someone in the ruling family, ahh ruling party!

    a lone Warrior...
    a lone Warrior...

When during the last Gujrat state assembly elections Sonia Gandhi said on Narendra Modi as ‘ maut ke saudgar’ it changed the scenario there and results are for everybody to see. To corner Varun for speaking for Hindus may lead to similar situation with National consequences.

Beware Congress. This Gandhi hve arrived.