the last movie I saw (and reviewed) was mega  blockbuster Ghazini. Thereafter no movie released gave the requisite pump to go and watch them. Although much hyped movies like Dev D, Delhi 6, CC2C, Billu have released but the publicity looked artificially mounted. For eample there was controversy reg. use of word Barber in Billo Barber, a comment on one newschannel was that why do SRK’s movie face controversy only when the film is about to be released and not in  the past couple of year it was in making! So urge to see movies was not there. And I proved right most of the time. Billu, Delhi 6, Victory, CC2C have bombed, were really boring. Yet some movies that i have to take up : Slumdog, Raaz, most recent release gulaal!

So yesterday being Sunday I decided to see some comedy – Dhoondhte Reh Jaaoge. Also i decided that i shall be putting post for this comic flick, as i think he blog have gone toooo serious. So DRJ was a one time watch movie, entertaining in parts, slowly paced n parts and boring in parts. So the movie is just not worth reviewing (although the directorial efforts of Umesh Shukla was good and perfrormances matched with the script but in this slam-bang lifestyle and TV entertainment channels the things shown in the movie looked outdated)

So what to write now…. ok i am thinking to blog-on my journey to be a movie bufffff….