being together...
being together...

The IPL(Indian Political League) is taking over the country. This is the time for alliances, break-ups, new friends, notes(!)for votes and Third Front.

Or Third-Rate front (as was mentioned by some politician). Now for any sensible person it is just Third-rate, obscene alliance of opportunism.

Whether it will remain intact after election results is anybody’s guess. Look at the constituents. Mayawati – she has put condition on this Front to declare its PM candidate. She will be with anybody who can help fulfill her ambition. Clearly no ideological barrier. Then see Communists. They have some presence in West Bengal and kKerela. They enjoyed power with their arch rivals(1) Congress for more than 4 years and suddenly found everything wrong in Congress as the election came. So they can again support Congress from outside if the nos. did not matched. Then Ha…ha…haaa….we have HD Deve Gowda, former PM so woke up from his slumber to build a dream-castle that he will again be the Dharti-putra PM material(sic!). Then we have likes of mamta TMC, Jayalalitha AIADMK, Chandra Babu Naidu TDP , Naveen Patnaiks’ BJD who were till recently part of NDA. So depending on the performances in elections and the NEED these can swiftly opt out of this misfortune called third front.

The writing is clear. Every regional party, or say political party wants its pound of flesh. They want to be in position to be the kingmaker. And this is just opportunism. No siddhants etc. Most of the old alliances that are broken now like BJP-BJD, Congress-SP etc are due to seat-sharing and mnot much on ideological ground.


perhaps Congress and BJP should form an alliance at the National Level. With an understanding that who so ever will win more setas would helm the coilition. This can be the case in every possibility because lines of ideological diffrences between Congress and BJP have blurred perticualrly aftyer 26/11. Infact BJP has acted as a responsible opposition thus projecting ONE INDIA.

For India we have to think something nnovative. Howsoever difficult preposition it may seem.