selling happiness?
selling happiness?

The new Coke campaign is ‘Open Happiness’. Now its an international campaign that aims to create emotional quotient to the brand. Mirages, friendships animations every emotion played to ‘Open Happiness’…ok stuff, nothing new or really involving.

But the catch is that in India Coke have ‘trade-mark’ on Happiness. Yes. Now happiness is property of Coke. When we compare this International campaign with those being run in India we can see TM(trade mark) tag attached in the Indian one. Why so? Probably we Indian can steal smile to be happy ourselves? Or we consider copyright as Right to Copy? or This MNC feel that everything is up for sale in India, even sentiments like Happiness? Thats’ difficult to explain that they have not put TM on their International campaign. So why so in India ?

As Aristotle once said hat ‘Happiness belongs to self-sufficient’. Coke have in some way under-estimated India spiritually and morally and have just considered India a huge market for driving sales volume. To Hell with the people, to hell with Happiness’.

Sorry Coke…inspite of all film stars and cricketers to bank upon….u have failed to hide u’r real intentions!!!Now you are caught on wrong foot…