The Lady Idol
The Lady Idol

So Saurabhee have been declared winner of Indian Idol 4. It is indeed a Grand Finale and a befetting finale to say. The II4 ran the risk of producing another winner who will be lost in the obvilion. I remember Abhijeet Sawant. I have not heard of other winners of II2 and II3-what they are doing, what there career is now. The II4 also have some mediocre and even ludicourus singers who seem to be winning by sms votes. But thank God Saurabhee have won.

From day 1 she appeared to be trained singer and a rock star. Her looks were magnetic. Her style charasmatc. And her singing brilliant. In the end she become hot-contender for Indian Idol 4 from the start. The other 2 competitors Kapil and Torsha were never in any competition to her. The queen must have got serious competition from Rajdeep or Bhavya and Bhanu . But they lost on voting.

And… it is the first time the contestant for whom I have voted have won. In the first Indian Idol I voted excessively and out of my pocket for Amit Sana. My monnthly Bill during those 3 months came to over 5000 Rs per month. But he lost. I was heart-broken so I missed II2 & 3. Then i followed II4. In this time of stock-crashing and recession I decided not to put my faith on one contestant. I liked 4 contestants and voted evenly for them These 4 were Prasanjit, Bhanu, rajdeep and Saurbhee. First three were eliminated. So I had little hope for the queen. But , But she won…. Hurrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaah!!!

Now I am thinking to vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections potboiler….