i fear...
i fear...

I wake -up in the morning with fear

for  I had a dream last night

the dream had me

with my friends & my dear ones

and suddenly i saw myself alone

and where had everyone gone?

i fear loosing my loved ones

i fear missing my friends

i fear loosing my emotions

i fear loosing my senses

i fear living alone

i fear my not being right

so i fear daylight!

for daylight brings hard chaos

for daylight brings hushy chantings

for daylight brings different directions

for daylight brings storm of hustlings

i fear daylight!

i wait for the night

i wait for the dream

i wait for the storm of love

i wait for the nature

i wait for the god

for nature and god

comes in my dream

and let-go my fears….

i fear life

i fear death

when in fear i turn-on the light

but i fear daylight!

i loved my past

i love my today

and i fear my tommorrow!

I fear…