from top to bottom to top to !!!
from top to bottom to top to !!!

 For success we toil. We work Hard. We laision. We connect. We even bend backwards to help our clients. We know that even a small client is valuable to us. With this small client our earnings start. And we Grow. New clients come. Many clients disappear. But some clients continue with us. Then our business grow. We get new big clients. And…. We are successful. No – ‘I am successful’ suddenly creeps in. We shift from ‘we’ to ‘I’

This is saturation point of any success. Being in print industry we visit agencies who work on commission. We have one agency, supposedly, No. !. This jouney  from scratch to top is all 4 year old.  It started from the scratch 4 yrs back on modest budget. The proprietor with his hard work and dedication, client – servicing strived for this success. Everyone supported it. I (we) also played part in his success (and do not regret it in any way) because of my affiliation and employment with print organisation Jagran(which is leading daily in this part of country). Then I changed my organisation. Suddenly everything changed. I talked to some of his old/loyal clients and I realised that he is ignoring them too because of their low budgets and business slump. ( today being successful he is surrounded by a coterie and does not have time even to extend basic cortesies to guest).

I fear this is end of success. I fear for him. As his hard work and all his efforts are going to be ru(i)ned in near future. Luck favours when we are trying to be successful. Luck favours the commitment we show, the dedicttion and our perseverance. So when these basic things are lost bad time arebound to come. Being respectful/passionate/loving are necessary conditions for any success.

when money is lost, someting is lost….but when character is lost, everything is lost