its for all to see how ‘i’ can ruin a running thing…‘i’ is only me.mine.myself. with ‘i’ team is lost. with ‘i’ friends are lost. with ‘i’ empires are lost.

‘i’ means end of feel. ‘i’ means end of sensivities. ‘i’ means loneliness. 

Then why this ‘i’…! Lets talk career. WE start young. When WE grow, it is imperative that others will grow with us. ‘i’ dont’ have all the abilities, so when WE grow we need other capabilities. WE synergies our abilities and its time to prosper, to grow. Whatever WE do its ‘a success. Whatever WE think turns to reality. WE will have a golden period. So now ‘i’ will come in. with it will come insecurities. and full circle will be completed.

my ways of avoiding ‘i’

  • follow always the principal of equality. e.g. when at job you are a salaried person and so are others.
  • remember life is a great leveler. Things will not remain the same always. The circumstances keep changing.
  • Circumstances tend to repeat. If in first case we were the beneficiary in next cycle we may be the victim.
  • Also remember team act as buffer. ALWAYS…
  • In professional life an emotional quotient is also important. We need emotional security. With ‘i’ that is lost.
  • Follow examples in real life. We all have seen and are seeing people trapped in ‘i’.


cut 'i' from ru(i)n...and run towards light
cut 'i' from ru(i)n...and run towards light