Back to Ram-Ram

BJP seems to have lost its way. When we have issues relating to national security, economic slowdown, job cuts, infrastructual failures, what we see and hear from the main opposition party is Ram Mandir. Sure that an emotional issue but whether it can again turn to votes is very doubtful. For ‘me’ Ram Mandir is what I want. But I want a leader aho seems strong. Whos is respected by the masses. And who is followed by masses. He should be strong enough to cope with internal party politics. Inshort he should be a dynamic personality.

Thus I am thinking of now supporting Rahul Gandhi. I have been a BJP loyalist. I was inspired by Atalji, Advaniji. But most leaders are verbal tiger type. Petty politicians. And this for most so called leaders in ruling party also. But Rahul Gandhi seems different. He is working Hard. He is taking politics of development seriously. Surely with time he will learn political machinations and would be a nation-builder like his father Late Rajiv Gandhi.

Being a saffronite in belief…i am beginning to like Rahul Rajiv Gandhi….

ram raam rahul
ram raam rahul