‘ We Can Change’

This was the statement that

you BECOME what you THINK about
you BECOME what you THINK about

 Obama have build his aura around. When the Pro Chancellor of Shobhit University Meerut ,  Kunwar Shekhar Vijender, visited the States on Obamas’ oath ceremony he was ‘inspired’ by the campaign. He invited the President to visit his University Mission in near future(perhaps the first educational institution in the world to have got the opportunity to do so). He also presented Obama with Vivekanandas’ book ‘ My Thoughts on Education’.

 Why I refferred to the above is to highlight the vision of the man who made Shobhit University his mission. He opines that India is the most youthful nation in the world Yet the education institutional set-up is not capable enough to utilise and improve on this resource. With this mission Shobhit University have volunteered and started a project ‘International Skill Development Centre’ with the motto of  ‘Turning Intellect into Empowerment’. ISDC specifies some skills like Transportation and Logistics, Construction and Building Tech., Manufacturing and Engg. tech., Info. and communication Tech., Creative Arts & fashion, Socal and personal services. The concept is such as we have in IT professional who are Microsoft certifies or CISCO certified, we shall have skilled people in various other sectors. It would be beneficial to gain employment and in skill upgradation. ” the centre will also train students(…apart from specific skill) with basic skills that include quality conciousness, persobnality & language development and communication skills. He also shared that they have given proposals to  several renowned world universities to start these projects (www.shobhituniversity.ac.in)

Thus with this purposeful education we may be able to give direction to millions of our misdirected youth. SOMETIMES IN THE WINDS OF CHANGE WE FIND OUR TRUE DIRECTION.