Sex is a forbidden fruit here in India. It is said we taboo the subject the most but have the highest population numbers. Sex Education for our children is the most avoidable subject. (Infact I remember that the topic on reproduction was skipped by our Biology mam’ ) We cannot discuss it with our parents as our culture does not permit it. Its a strict personal topic.

But when a group of friends get together the topic invariably surrounds around sex-His girlfriend (not mine)…that girl, neighbourhood aunty, bf’s, latest mms’es, latest videos’ etc. etc. it can go on and on. Infact we tend to pourrrr outtttt our sexual feelings by mouth (literally). So there are a plenty of verbal tigers. They may pretend to be world famous in India but they may be taking permission from their wives – may I do it –

There are some whose libidos’ are so high that they cannot control it. It seems everything is EMA-extra marital affair. On seeing a bimbo(not necessarily that others considers her so!)  breathlessness occurs. I advise them to have an asthalin inhaler with them. The mouth waters, as if it is the most delicious thing on platter. And this is in case of verbal tigers. Because the real ones will go for it without anyone getting a knack of it. Most parties and celebarations without bar girls are bore. So the question is are we panicking on this subject.

I may sound rude, but who can deny when we hear stories of our senior public figures getting into issues that are pure lust, and nothing else. We have CMs’, former CMs’ getting entangled. The latest case of former Haryana Deputy CM Chandramohan ( Chand Mohhammed) with Fiza is a live example how sex overtakes senses. Lust breeds Greed. Greed gives rise to insensivities. And crime takes place. And what the example public get to follow from their leaders. So they too lust. The end result is society full of lusty people, full of greed and full of crime.

So I have the question that is some sort of talibisation necessary to stem-in the mind rot? Organisations like Shiv Sena, Sri Ram sene may look barbrarian but infact some check points are required. Some fear factor in a society is required.

Help needed to build our ‘sixth sense’ not ‘sex sense’…