Today is 26th Jan. India is celebrating its Republic Day. The Nation is in patriotic mood. But this year its different. This yaer, after 26/11, we are at war. The Nation now has started feeling for its martyrs’.  Today the Indian Defence power was on display. Military might.

But…today gallantary awards were given. And most of them were given posthumously. The Family members took the honors for their deceased loved ones. My heart went out to these mothers/wives and sisters. Their kin died fighting for us. Now they must have to wage another war. War with the system, war with us. War to survive. The Nation may forget them after sometime (even at present I only remember couple of this years gallanatry awardees…its sickning feeling). Its grisssly feeling to even think of loosing forever our dear ones.They have lost them for us. For every defence personnel killed they leave behind their family members to face our apathy, callousness and humiliation in many cases. We had been insensitive before we realised the efforts/sacrifices these security personnel put-in, before their actual war. Even few days ago the Government blundered with not recognising Insp. Shindes’ effort (he was the first policeman to confront the terrorists of 26/11). The daughter, the wife were cryingggggggggggggg….no matter what monetary package they get afterwards it is the recognition that keeps the morale of any bereived family. Similarly the Batala House encounter hero MC Sharmas’ wife wept like a brave woman to the fact that her husband is getting his due for the much politicised martydom. Its shame. Its heart wrentching. But I had a ray of hoppe when an acamedician told me that Mr Shekhar Gupta, Cheif Editor of The Indian Express Group, makes it a point to be at the airport to receive the martyr soldiers, this is his way of paying tribute.

We can only pray for our security forces to keep up their morale High. May be my self interest is their. But it is this confidence that drives the family of these personnel.