Being in job is a tough call these days. When the worse of economic recession is definitely over we are getting news of further job cuts. Talking of my media industry, at present its abuzz with job cuts and transfers. There was a time when u survived u’r job by being circumvile to u’r boss, now even the boss is insecure. This industry is having rumours like popcorns. You chew one, you get another. And not all is rumour. Many prominent media organisations have freezed new appointments and resorted to  job cuts to cut costs.. Then their are rumours in virtually all media enterprises, you name it. Why is it so ?

  • All media, print or elctronic, in its ‘zeal’ to expand and penetrate the market hired & hired hard. Poached on rival group employees with salaries which did not justify the market potential.
  • Now the realistaion is setting in. And it is inevitable. An employee must understand his/her potential. Those employees are in panic who have left existing organisation, for monetary sakes. We have to understand where we stand. What we should expect monetarily. We have to understand what is job-satisfaction. This is the lesson we as an employee are getting from current economic situation. ( The present scenario on the other hand is beneficial for those who left for ‘reasons’ other than monetary ones – increasing conflicts at work place, when everything except work becoming priority_)
  • This state of economy gave strong credence to the saying – money saved is money earned, The phrase is not meant only for corpoartes but also in our daily private lives. One has to live and save within his means. Saving is a factor that can be controlled by us, not like any external factor. So companies are in rationalisation and cost cutting mode. And hat is good in long turn.
  • But companies must realise that real workers and revenue generators with them are those who are not those contributing much to expenses. The real ‘xpensive’ ones need to be identified and then rationalised. So job cuts at trainee or executive level will only hamper smooth functioning and real revenue generation. Because these lower hierarchy executives are ones who identify market potential.
  • We are with the managements. The print industry needs to be profitable. They are battling not only drop in ad revenue but also due to high newsprint costs. To get quality news , to search for quality news is costly. So ultimately profitablity is to be maintained.
  • The employee on the job must remain focus on the job. Ultimately it is the work you do that diffrentiates you from others. Be loyal and commited to your profession and to your company. After all nobody would want to part with good people. And requirement of good people will always remain, more so in times of recession.

So my dear fellow media personnel, spend that is within  reach and always remember -‘ money saved is money earned…’