Noted filmstar ‘Munnabhai’ Sanjay Dutt decides to enter politics. He shall be contesting on Samajwadi

sanjay dutt's respected family
sanjay dutt-loosing outon legacy ?

Party (SP) ticket. Amar Singh of SP have made out a casee for Sanjay Dutt as if he had made a discovery (or invention!) of a lifetime. Amar Singh says that they have decided to give Sanjay Dutt parlimentary elction ticket from Lucknow because he gave new meaning to Gandhigiri. Now with this logic the ticket should have been mooted for Vidhu Vinod Chopra or Hirani, the Director of Munnabhai series, as they were the ones’ who conceived the character.

The biggest gainer in this ‘politics’ is Amar Singhs’ Samajwadi Party in UP. They will now have a star campaigner throughout (with Manyata!) with his other filmy friends. The party gets to have an upper hand over Congress and with Salman Khursheed in particular. Surely communal angle would also be given to this announcement with minority being appeased. So SP have everything to gain.

So who would be the biggest looser !

Surely, it will be Sanjay Dutt only. What is at stake is his humility. What is at stake is his family (who stood by him in all his misadventures) . Sunil Dutt, his sister Priya Dutt have stood themselves good as politicians, yes, with their dedication and above all their integrity. Sanjay Dutt lacks both. He has proven underworld connections, was a spoilt brat in his younger life ( everybody matures with age). To expect public -service from him is far fetched. Its different to be  Gandhigiri ding Munnabhai on screen then to emulate it in public. His contention that if Sidhu can fight elctions so can I’ shows his vulnerability to manipulations and lack of political knowledge. Navjot Singh Sidhu (wih one criminal proceedings) have been exemplary in his political avtar. Apart from his profession his political accumen is acknowledged by his opponents also. Where does Sanjay stand in front of Sidhu in political field?

Sanjay Dutt did one good thing. He did not compared himself with Vajpayee, the sitting MP from Lucknow and announced that he will not contest against Vajpayee. Maybe he realises that his winning depends on weak opponents. He must also realise that the media hype over his nomination and mob hype at his roadshow the other day in Lucknow is only due to his star power. Even Jaya Prada or with that matter Rakhi Sawant would also draw large crowds. Does they mean votes, is anybody’s guess. Remember, very recently Jharkhnd, ex CM now, Shibu Soren lost an election whereby voters gave their sound judgement and preference for development ratyher than politics.

Sanjay ji Best of Luck. May you get out of the web of your near & dear advisors. And listen to what your sister meant to say !