From being ‘obvious’ to be an ‘extra-ordinary’

Many times marketing & advertising professionals got to hear that the ad spents in a particular media would be decided on the basis of the TRP ratings of various programs. I decided to do an ‘observation’ survey to see the real impact. Now these ratings are for the programs that are being watched, that are popular. Not of the product advertised. This is because in the clutter and ‘noises’ the viewer most likely shifts to other program in the ‘break’ period. Thus popular program does not imply that ad in the break will have the same noticability.

The media plan just concentrating on the primetime runs risk of being a failure (and may be an irritant). What is important though  is no. of hits..Spreading out thru’out the advertising space. Multiple placements, in multiple programming, in multiple media will be key to get noticed, will be key to get consumer initiation.

Similar is the case with print advertising. Here it is important that sheer no’s are vital but also is vital ability to associate witha strong media brand. For example advertising in large circulated eveninger ‘may’ be useful it will worth ‘negative’ owing to the brand perception it is building. The reputation of the newspaper should also be important consideration while deciding on any media plan.

One important thing in media planning, and in all other fields, working on a pattern will only bring obvious results…but if we try something non-conventional, something different (be in media design, media plan)-the results will surely be EXTRAORDINARY…thus go with the gut feeling!!!