Does Reliance, Bharti, Mittal, Ifosys, Wipro etc, also cook their books ?

Am’ no investment or finance freak. But took pride in India being an IT power… Satyam, Infosys, wipro,TCS  were global giants. And now look, how stayam have fallen…to disgrace.
Do we have more of these ‘paper’giants ? Are we going to see collapse of an already ‘sick’ economy ? The Auditors role (Price Waterhouse – in satyam case), wheres’ the check? Who will be held accountable? This is economic terrorism. Are we safe? Why the media nd financial dailies failed to see through? Is their any possibility that in future we get to see companies like Reliance, Bharti, Tata etc. to admit that theiy were paper tigers only and have cooked the books?
Now everthing seems plastic. Everything, the forbes’ list, the richest indian seems artificial. We are shaken…!