encounter or war ?
encounter or war ?

Our jawans are engaged in an encounter (?) for last 8 days in Poonch in J&K. Now is this an encounter or an outright war…?

It is being told that holed-up terrorists have arms, ammo., food supplies, are sheltered in solid bunkers…now at first how was it possible without being noticed…was their some sort of intelligence failure (again!), why we have to loose our jawans (4 is being reported) first and then get to the gravity of the situation ! till how long will this continue….! Till how long our army will have to fight small no. of terrorists and loose men before getting on the terrorists….

Government of India, after 26/11 is engaging in mere words. Pakistan is defiant and not taking the PM and the country  seriously….we have to finish it once and for all….we cannot rely on the US whose sole criteria is self-interest…we can never rely n China who have given assurance to Pak that they are with them. We are alone. Cuntries like China and US will ‘request’ us to solve the situation with dialouge and peace (lah, blah, blah…). But we ar alone.

Lets end it all. Lets have a decisive battle. It is indeed better to die once rather than go thru’ pain again and again.

ANYBODY Listening….???