The most wonderful part of working in media marketing is that you get an opportunity to meet ‘literate’ persons of various hues and style. These people help shape your ‘thinking’. Most recently I got to meet a seniorofficial of NHAI. WE discussed about the advantages of the much hyped projects like Ganga expressway, Taj expressway etccccccccc. He pointed out that ganga expressway is proposed from delhi/noida to balia(!). But their are alraedy 2 routes that link Capital city to the eastern UP. And much of the business from UP is towards further Easti.e to Kolkata. If instead of spending huuge on ganga ex. we invest in highway linkinf Eastern UP to Kolkata, ports in Orissa etc. then much better economic prosperity can be targetted. Effecient & Effectiveness are missing in Ganga Ex. The matter has been brought to the notice of the Cheif Secretary of UP. But as everyone understandes…DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA IS DEPENDENT ON POLITICS.